Time, Water and the Desert

Father Time Cannot Be Stopped.

As we all know, Father Time is undefeated. He rolls over everything and conquers all.

But the fact that Father Time will always win is not a problem. It is just a fact. And, once you acknowledge this fact, and you realize that the ultimate life skill is time management, you can manage Father Time and make the best use of your most valuable asset: 

Think About Time This Way...

You have a long walk across the Sahara Desert, and you’ve brought just enough food and water to complete the trip. People can go days, possibly weeks, without food. But water is a different story. A couple of days without water, especially in the desert, and, well… you know the deal.

So tell yourself this story…..

Life is like a desert, and time is your water.

In the desert, water is the most valuable resource you have. You cannot afford to let it slip through your hands and hit the sand. If it does, the water is gone, and you cannot get it back.

Likewise, if you squander your time, before you know it, you will run out of time and wonder where it all went. Once you run out of time, well… you know the deal.

So treat your time like water in the desert. Time is a precious asset that cannot be wasted, but instead, must be meticulously managed.

Self Management Is The Ultimate Skill For Time Management.

We all have control over ourselves, what we do, how we do it, how we feel and our attitudes that we live our lives with. Most everything else is outside of our direct control.

Focusing on self management allows you to maximize your time by focusing on those things you actually have input on… the things that you do control.

Self Management Should Center Around:

  1. Organizing your day so your day works for you and your particular and unique situation.
  2. Evaluating tasks based on the 3-way axis of LOE, ROI and significance/relevance.
  3. Tracking yourself each day and measuring success in small increments.
  4. Living with intention and setting yourself up for success by visualizing your day the night before. Be proactive, and take control!

Time is the water of life. We cannot let time just slip through our hands and get wasted, because you can never get time back.

Time Will Not Stop. We Cannot Go Back.

You don’t get a second chance to re-live yesterday. You have today... now, and what is ahead of you. What are you going to do with it?

Self management is the key to time management. You are in charge.

Although time does not stop for anyone, for those who focus on managing time like water in the desert, time appears to slow down… and in slowing down, you make the most out of life.

About the author

Joe Marinucci

Joe Marinucci is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Digital Media Solutions since the company’s inception in 2012. Marinucci is responsible for the overall vision and strategy of DMS, leveraging the best people, processes and technology in the industry to deliver data-driven digital performance advertising solutions to offer visibility into the customer experience, help brands grow their businesses and provide accountability for every media dollar spent. Under Marinucci’s leadership, DMS has evolved into an award-winning, digital performance advertising company demonstrating consistent and significant year-over-year growth which earned recognition on the Inc. 5000 list for seven consecutive years.