The Power Of Possibility Thinking

On Wednesday night, as I was putting my girls to bed, there was a pureness and energizing curiosity about Wednesday’s inauguration and what it means to have a woman as the Vice President of the United States. As I talked, their questions changed to:

  • So, does this mean another girl can now be Vice President too?
  • Can a girl be President?

Each One Of Us Has The Power To Choose The Magnitude Of The Possibilities We See.

To dream big, we must be willing to see possibilities everywhere instead of limitations.

Limitations cause us to leave too much possibility on the table, because limitations prevent us from stretching our minds and our goals.

Conversely, possibilities create options and allow us to move forward with hope.

A possibility is something that may happen. Possibilities are in the future, which means every possible outcome is just as real as any other because none of them have happened yet. Making possibilities come to fruition is where the ability to focus on what’s possible and the power of positive thinking connect to move us toward our big goals.

When We See The Possibilities And We Positively Believe We Can Make Them Happen, We Allow Ourselves To See Solutions And Options And New Pathways To Our Goals.

As we start moving forward, momentum is available to us when we choose it.

We Choose To See The Possibilities.

We choose to think big, without limits.

A road was paved this week, with new possibilities presented for little girls around this country to think big and dream big. Seeing limitations removed and possibilities expand is amazing — as a person, as a parent and as a citizen of this country.

Huge goals are possible with the right thinking, courage and action to chase them. Anything is possible with the possibility mindset.

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Fernando Borghese

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