Impulse Response? THINK First

Each Of Us Has Opened Our Mouths Too Quickly Or Hit That ‘Send’ Button Too Fast 

We know it to be true when we immediately, or soon after, wish we had responded differently. Our immediate response, if delivered, has the ability to instantly impact the relationship with the person on the other side of it. In most cases, that impact is temporary. But, sometimes the impact can last longer.

We Don’t Need To Immediately Respond...

What if instead of responding impulsively and regretting it later you had a quick and easy strategy to spot your impulsive response, stop it and swap it with a practiced technique?

Here Are 3 Techniques That Work For Me When I Spot The Impulse To Respond:

  • By email, I’ve typed out the response I want to communicate and then sent it to MYSELF. There is that instant feeling of satisfaction that comes with hitting the send button with the impulse feeling projected… but I am the recipient of that email and no one else.
  • In a conversation, I bite my tongue. Yes, I literally bite my tongue.
  • THINK is another simple method I recently read about that resonated. Instead of responding, ask yourself the five questions below. They will help you communicate more clearly and effectively, allowing you to build stronger connections.

The THINK Technique: Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before Responding

  1. Is it True? Is your response fact-based or feelings-based?
  2. Is it Helpful? Is your response going to help the other person improve or succeed? 
  3. Is it Inspiring? Is your response positive and supportive?
  4. Is it Necessary? Does your response need to be said?
  5. Is it Kind? How will the recipient feel after receiving your response?

Effective Communication Builds Stronger Relationships And Greater Levels Of Trust

How we respond is critical to how we connect. When we communicate effectively, we can connect more, grow more and collaborate better. Progress and growth come more quickly when we communicate effectively.

THINK Before Responding, And Each Interaction Becomes An Opportunity To Create Better Connections With More Effective Communication

With our families, with our friends and with our co-workers, we are connecting each day. Rather than think “now that I cooled off, I wish I had responded differently…,” try to spot > stop > swap with the THINK method to trade the regrets for meaningful interactions and connections.

About the author

Fernando Borghese

Fernando Borghese is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Digital Media Solutions (DMS), the fastest growing independent agency focused on performance marketing. In this role, Fernando is responsible the day to day leadership and management of the company, encompassing all lines of business. He has a successful track record of building high-performing teams that that deliver measurable impact for Digital Media Solutions and its award-winning vertical-specific brands within highly complex and competitive industries. Under his leadership, DMS has achieved incredible year-over-year growth, which has earned recognition on the Inc. 5000 list in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.