How Could They Be Right?

‘How Could They Be Right?’ Is A Powerful Question.

Especially if you work diligently to understand the opinions, feelings and ideas of others, “how could they be right?” can help you learn and grow. As you listen, believe that the other person’s ideas are strong — maybe even better than yours. Ask questions to gain clarity, like:

            How would that work?

            What do you mean by…?

            What does ____ mean?

            How so?

            What does that look like?

If you give it your all, and the idea doesn’t seem right, it’s possible that your idea is the right path forward. But until you have sincerely and deeply considered the other person’s idea, you will never know which direction to go. And most likely, the best plan is a combination of ideas that you deploy as a team.

Our Opinions & Points Of View Are Based On Our Beliefs And Our Experiences.

No matter how closely our professional skills and experiences align, we each bring a unique perspective to the table.

When We Step Outside Our Own Points Of View And See Situations, Challenges And Opportunities With ‘Fresh Eyes,’ We Are Growing.

New perspectives put us inside a new space of openness, allowing us to form greater connections and see new possibilities.

What Worked In The Past Got Us To Where We Are Today, But Our Future Possibilities Are Greatly Limited By The Realities Of Our Past Experiences.

Conversely, our future possibilities expand when we consider new ideas, new strategies and new ways of thinking.

Creativity & Innovation Thrive When We Cross The Street.

As we open our minds to new possibilities, we will be soaring to new heights.

No matter how much experience we have, fresh eyes and an open mindset enable us to learn more, grow more, connect more and create more. 

About the author

Fernando Borghese

Fernando Borghese is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Digital Media Solutions (DMS), the fastest growing independent agency focused on performance marketing. In this role, Fernando is responsible the day to day leadership and management of the company, encompassing all lines of business. He has a successful track record of building high-performing teams that that deliver measurable impact for Digital Media Solutions and its award-winning vertical-specific brands within highly complex and competitive industries. Under his leadership, DMS has achieved incredible year-over-year growth, which has earned recognition on the Inc. 5000 list in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.