Will You Win The Day?

Taking Action With Purpose And Intention Each Day Lets You Play Within The Day To Create The Little Wins

Compounded over many days, these little wins create immense growth and expansion in our business and in our lives.

Repeatable Daily Wins Don’t Happen By Chance

You need a formula that begins with your routines, built within a process, that becomes your habit to prepare for success to be yours each day.

Winning the day starts with taking the thoughts in your head and translating them into a story which is connected to your key goals for the day.

The Following Questions Can Help You Frame Your Story And Win The Day (or WTD):

  • What is the productive idea you would like to execute today?
  • Who or what has triggered this productive idea?
  • What is the story you are telling yourself right now about this new productive idea?
  • Why is this productive idea worthy of execution?
  • If this productive idea is executed, how will it positively affect your business or your life?
  • If this productive day is not executed, how will it negatively affect your business or your life?
  • When the productive idea is executed and the desired results appear, the following FACTS will be clearly evident to all…
    • What is self-evident Fact #1?
    • What is self-evident Fact #2?
    • What is self-evident Fact #3?
    • What is self-evident Fact #4?
  • What are your final thoughts as you set off to Win The Day?

To WTD, The First Step Is To Show Up With A Plan. 

We have 34 work days remaining in Q3. 34 days. Said another way, we have 1 day 34 times. What if we focus and prepare for each “1” as if it is “the one?” This transition gives us 34 opportunities to WTD and shifts us from incredible to astounding growth and results.

Next-Level Growth Requires Next-Level Thinking.

Audit how you run your day, and ask yourself the question “How can I level up?”

At the onset of our day, inertia is created from the intention and connection we create between ourselves and where we are, what we must do and the outcomes we seek. That inertia moves us closer to our daily goals, while at the same time, our daily goals are moving closer to us.

Want To Level Up Another Notch?

Share your WTD plan with someone else to enhance their awareness of your plans and alignment with you.

It’s Up To You To Take Action To WTD.

And you can do it 34 more times this quarter. (Plus your weekend wins, which I hope include some intentional downtime!)

About the author

Fernando Borghese

Fernando Borghese is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Digital Media Solutions (DMS), the fastest growing independent agency focused on performance marketing. In this role, Fernando is responsible the day to day leadership and management of the company, encompassing all lines of business. He has a successful track record of building high-performing teams that that deliver measurable impact for Digital Media Solutions and its award-winning vertical-specific brands within highly complex and competitive industries. Under his leadership, DMS has achieved incredible year-over-year growth, which has earned recognition on the Inc. 5000 list in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.