Sparkroom Expands To Additional Verticals

Award-winning performance marketing technology is now available for all industries, including mortgage, financial services, insurance and higher education 

Clearwater, FL – February 21, 2018—Digital Media Solutions (DMS), an industry leader in the world of customer acquisition and retention that helps clients maximize their digital marketing to beat the competition and accelerate growth, announces enhancements to its award-winning performance technology platform Sparkroom. The newly enhanced Sparkroom technology maximizes consumer marketing effectiveness through lead data integration and centralization, marketing automation, full funnel analytics, cross-channel attribution, lead capture tools and pay-per-lead vendor management features – all in one seamless platform.


The cross-channel attribution functionality within Sparkroom allows marketers to have clear insights into what media mix and marketing channels are driving the final conversions instead of relying on earlier, less-reliable milestones like a web page touchpoint (pixel fire) or form completion. Other recent enhancements for the Sparkroom SaaS Platform include:

  • Paid Search Analyzer: Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing Analytics API integrations allow marketers to customize, on a granular level, PPC reporting and automate it for daily operations. This includes connecting pre-lead data with post-lead CRM data to optimize on actual user ROI and bottom-of-the-funnel conversions.
  • Inbound Call-to-Lead Matching Automation: Sparkroom technology closes the gap for a brand’s call tracking to attribute inbound calls to a source. With the enhanced platform, users can better track calls generated from online or offline media, including paid search, and automate the matching of leads generated to their media source. Users can identify successful campaign parameters with precision down to the ad and keyword level.
  • Intent Scoring: Sparkroom now offers a proprietary custom scoring model for clients to measure propensity to convert for each inquiry and then prioritize for leads that could have higher a conversion rate.

The lead management and pay-per-lead vendor management features include dynamic lead posting instructions, dynamic inquiry forms, customizable vendor restrictions, capping and more. The platform’s marketing attribution reveals data on which channels best support and assist customer acquisition to inform additional buying decisions and audience targeting. Sparkroom also acts as a hub for the centralized triggering for marketing automation and nurturing campaigns, prompting time- and milestone-activated messaging and emails. Sparkroom connects the dots from pre-lead to post-conversion data and let users seamlessly draw insights and optimize campaign performance. A clearer view of the customer journey allows marketers to make more accurate decisions regarding each channel and campaign.

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