3 Myths Keeping Mortgage Originators From Closing More Refinance Loans

The growth of refinance pipelines is determined by a mortgage originator’s ability to capture new prospects. Here are three beliefs that could be detrimental to refinance growth strategies:

1. The Belief That Spring Is Only Purchase Season

Favorable weather and low rates usually create strong purchase market conditions, however, a lack of affordable inventory remains a challenge for many prospective home buyers. “It is challenging – especially for those potential buyers – where we have a good economy, low interest rates and a soaring stock market, yet are finding very few homes available for sale,” said Lawrence Yun, NAR Chief Economist. According to the National Association of Realtors Pending Home Sales Index Report, at the close of 2019 contract activity experienced month-over-month declines in all four major U.S. regions. In the December report, Yun predicted, “Due to the shortage of affordable homes, home sales growth will only rise by around 3%.” Originators focusing marketing efforts exclusively on purchase loans are setting themselves up to miss out on new business from the immense opportunity the refinance market has created.

2. Believing Real Estate Partners Refer All The Business Originators Need

Years ago, real estate agents and brokers were at the center of the transaction. Loan officers, attorneys and title companies received direct referrals from their real estate business colleagues, and an originator’s pipeline correlated to the number of positive industry relationships they had.

For many years, Marketing Service Agreements (MSA) were popular marketing strategies that brought together corporate lenders, banks and real estate brokerages. Since the issuance of a compliance bulletin in 2015 by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) citing the potential risks presented within these agreements, MSAs have become increasingly absent from modern mortgage marketing strategies. The shift away from MSAs has added increased priority on a lender’s ability to establish a high-performing prospecting strategy.

Refinance marketing strategies should empower originators to connect directly with current homebuyers who are interested in the benefits of refinance loans. To take advantage of refinance market conditions, it’s important to flood pipelines with new refinance prospects.

3. Homeowners Are Proactive When Ready To Refinance

Not all borrowers return to their original lenders for future transactions. The reality is consumers seek a combination of efficiency, transparency and quality service. Marketing refinance loan opportunities only to former clients represents a belief that homeowners want to exclusively work with their previous loan originators, and misses presenting an opportunity to be a better solution.

Financial brands should avoid the calendar trap, which often locks marketers into a strategy because of seasonality and habit. Mortgage marketing strategies will be most impactful when devised based on consumer profiles and market conditions, and now it's the time to push the refi.  

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