3 Top Lead Generation Best Practices To Scale Your Business

Having the right lead generation strategies in place can help set your digital advertising campaigns up for success and be the difference between moderate gains and remarkable results.

According to a recent study, “the global market for digital advertising and marketing, estimated at US $530.9 billion in the year 2022, is projected to reach a revised size of US $860.8 billion by 2026.” Digital performance marketing, including lead generation, leverages strategies that resonate with consumers, drive engagement and encourage conversions when and where consumers are ready to take action. Effective lead generation strategies can help advertisers amplify their customer acquisition efforts and scale conversions.

When it comes to lead campaigns – and advertisers finding success with high-intent consumers – goal setting, a strong lead partner and a diversified strategy can make all the difference. The following are three industry-tested best practices that will help you optimize your lead generation campaigns.

1. Goal Setting And Workflow Management Can Create Success For Advertisers

The first step to mastering an effective lead generation strategy is developing a plan that includes short- and long-term goals and clear KPIs. A well-organized workflow management system can help advertisers with planning, reporting and optimizing their lead generation campaigns.

Organization Allows For Speed To Lead, Lead Sourcing And Reaching Audiences Where They Are Shopping

An organized lead strategy can improve every aspect of an advertiser’s business, including quickly reaching out to leads, understanding where a lead is coming from and meeting your consumers throughout their shopping journey. It's essential to understand where leads are coming from, for new campaigns and re-engagement, both from a source and campaign perspective. For example, is a vendor providing you full-form leads with custom questions? If so, these leads are higher quality, but also higher priced, so that might be a place to optimize the budget if you aren’t getting ROI. However, when it comes to re-engagement, you might want to consider aged leads, which are less expensive.

An organized, quality lead strategy allows you to capitalize on consumer intent. If you aren’t set up for success from the beginning, you’ll have a steeper hill to climb.

Profitability Starts With A Strong, Organized Workflow System At The Center Of Lead Campaigns

Lead campaigns must be set up for profitability. With clear messaging, compelling CTAs and dynamic creative that is focused on consumer intent, you’re more likely to get qualified leads that convert. With the right leads from the right people at the right time and place, your campaigns will be primed for profitability, which is yet another reason it’s essential to have a strong workflow system from the jump. CRM systems need to be in place so that, whether it’s a physical product sale, service, enrollment or application, there is support available to nurture the consumer through their buying journey. Even the best leads won’t be effective without an equally effective lead management and outreach strategy in place from the beginning, whether it’s call center, outbound dial or warm transfer.

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2. Choosing The Right Lead Partner Can Be The Difference Between A Winning Lead Campaign And A Struggling One

To find the right lead generation partner, advertisers need to ask the right questions. An advertiser that has thought through their goals knows what they want and will be able to ask a potential partner about their market share, lead generation scope and scale, targeting and publisher relationships. Conversely, as part of full-funnel strategies, potential lead partners should also be able to explain the customized and differentiated media plans they offer. This information could be essential in order to engage consumers when and where they are researching and shopping and capture high-intent leads from the consumer profiles with the greatest propensity to buy. 

Additionally, if advertisers plan to have their campaigns include outreach by a lead partner like DMS, it’s important to understand their strategies for contacting leads, including call center capabilities.

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3. Diversification Is Essential For Optimizing Lead Generation Campaigns

Today's marketplace can be so volatile, advertisers need to consider every possible way to get eyes on their brand. One week Facebook might be your top performer; another week, email is. If you don’t have multiple channels and campaign types running and aren’t doing regular testing, you won’t be prepared to pivot when performance changes. A diversified approach to lead generation allows for a range of testing and optimizations, including messaging, targeting and channel selection.

With regular reporting and a consistent feedback loop, advertisers can then gauge which campaigns perform best and allocate and adjust their budgets accordingly. Mastering the right mix of channels is critical to reaching interested consumers again and again.

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