Advertising To Pet Owners: What Are They Buying, Where Are They Shopping & What Do They Want To See?

People love a dog in a sweater. A bow on the cat. A tiny hat for the gerbil. So, not surprisingly, Americans spend a lot on their pets — $1,201 per year for dog owners and $687 for cat owners as of 2020. But what are they buying, where are they shopping and how can you best reach pet owners? Read on.

What Are Consumers Buying For Their Furry Friends?

Food takes the top spot in terms of pet expenditures, followed by veterinary care and grooming. Gifts and other splurge items represented $63 per dog owner in 2020 and clothing/accessories was an additional $59.

Where Are Pet Lovers Shopping?

Most shoppers, around 53%, buy for their pets at brick-and-mortar stores, with dog owners slightly more likely to buy from local, mom-and-pop shops. 31% of pet parents shop online. Subscription boxes are very popular with pet owners.

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How Can Marketers Reach Pet-Obsessed Consumers?

Animals make consumers feel good. Cat videos on YouTube can rack up views, and advertisements featuring animals are watched and shared by millions. When marketing to pet fans for the holidays, or at any time, tugging at their heartstrings, and giving pet parents opportunities to include their pets in social campaigns, can be the keys to recurring business and engagement.

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