Do Shipping Costs Matter To Shoppers?

With the ongoing preference for online shopping, shipping methods and costs have become an important messaging tool for brands and retailers. And, while free shipping is important to consumers, there are delivery and pick-up alternatives that appeal to consumers which can be shared in ads, emails and re-engagement strategies.

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How Important Is Free Shipping To Shoppers?

Free shipping is important.

Surveys have shown that more than two-thirds of consumers value free shipping. So, it goes without saying that brands that can offer free shipping should not be shy about it.

Along with product drops and promotions, free shipping must be a focus of messaging across channels. SMS, email and push strategies that remind consumers about their abandoned carts and promote free shipping are likely to see higher engagement and conversion. 

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What Should Brands And Retailers Do If They Don’t Offer Free Shipping?

Although free shipping is an alluring prospect for many shoppers, brands that aren’t able to offer free shipping should deploy strategic and transparent messaging about their shipping policies and any convenient alternatives they offer. After all, free shipping is just one of the many reasons people choose one retailer over another. So if you don’t have free shipping, give consumers another reason to select you.

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1. Shipping Discounts & Alternative Delivery Options Can Be Just As Enticing As Free Shipping 

Shipping discounts after a certain purchase dollar amount is reached can be enticing for shoppers, often increasing the size of orders and helping consumers pull the trigger on big ticket items. Additionally, some retailers offer discounts for consumers that buy online and pick up in stores (BOPIS). Messaging about easy, efficient cost saving shipping and delivery options served to the right shoppers at the right times can scale conversions and encourage loyalty.

2. Free Shipping As A Membership Perk Can Encourage Consumers To Take Action 

When membership includes free shipping, membership subscribe buttons should be ever-present throughout the customer journey. A clear call to action, especially when people are in a buying mindset, can be effective. Memberships can be promoted across channels, with benefits like free shipping clearly outlined. 

3. Transparency About Shipping Policies & Inventory Can Build Trust With Consumers

Being completely upfront about how long something will take to arrive, offering tracking and relaying information about delays, can go a long way toward making shoppers feel more comfortable with making purchases. For example, triggered emails and texts can share exactly when products will be delivered based on when they are ordered and up-to-date tracking information. 

Messaging About Free Shipping Should Reach Consumers When And Where They Are Shopping

As always, whether aiming to acquire customers from specific segments or increase loyalty of current customers, messaging that resonates is key to encouraging action. By leveraging the power of DMS first-party data, digital advertisers can hone their strategies to reach consumers where they are most likely to engage and convert.

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