Instagram Expands Social Commerce To IGTV & Reels: Just The Facts

October 12, 2020 Carolyn Harding

Instagram has once again broadened its social commerce capabilities, introducing Instagram Shopping on its popular video platform IGTV, with plans to test the shopping feature on Reels, later this year.

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How Do The Newest Shopping Features On IGTV & Instagram Reels Work?

With Instagram Shopping, users will be able to purchase products shown on IGTV videos by adding the items to their shopping carts within the Instagram app. Consumers can then finalize their purchases directly through Instagram, or move to the retailers’ official sites. With the addition of these latest shopping features on IGTV – and soon, on Instagram Reels – social commerce is now spread across nearly every aspect of the Instagram platform.  

“By bringing shopping to IGTV and Reels, we’re making it easy to shop directly from videos. And in turn, helping sellers share their story, reach customers, and make a living,” said Justin Osofsky, Instagram chief operating officer.

Why Did Instagram Expand Upon Its Social Commerce Capabilities?

Instagram - and parent company Facebook - have taken serious strides in expanding their shopping offerings, honing in on ecommerce as a pivotal part of each platform’s overall growth efforts. The recently launched Instagram and Facebook Shops provide users with personalized product suggestions and access to a variety of different brands. The expansion of Instagram's Commerce Eligibility Requirements now allows more brands to reach wider audiences by selling their products directly on the platform. Instagram’s newly improved Live Shopping feature gives brands opportunities to feature products during live videos for consumers to browse and purchase in the app.

Shutterstock_1806996049  Stone / UK - August 31 2020: Instagram Reels seen in Instagram app on mobile phone and finger pointing at it. New feature from Facebook aimed to create competition with TikTok.

Much of Instagram’s social commerce evolution can be credited to the ongoing pandemic. As consumers are spending more time shopping online and via mobile devices, big brands are investing in social channels with convenient ecommerce offerings as a means of reaching and converting consumers. The pending launch of shopping on Instagram Reels opens the door for the social platform to compete with similar apps, like TikTok, which have received interest from major businesses for their potential value in regards to advertising opportunities.  

“Reels and IGTV integrating shopping could bolster appeal to both creators and brands that have adopted similar features elsewhere on Instagram in a bid to better connect advertising and video content with direct sales,” notes eMarketer reporter Nina Goetzen.

How Can Instagram’s New Social Shopping Features Benefit Digital Marketers This Holiday Season & Beyond?

With the holiday season fast approaching, marketers are looking for ways to capitalize on consumers’ gravitation toward mobile shopping options that present convenient and frictionless experiences ($339.03 billion is expected to come from mobile ecommerce sales this holiday season). 

Just as important, leveraging ecommerce options on social media allows brands to directly attribute sales to social media expenses. When consumers discover products and make purchases entirely within social platforms, the efficacy of these social channels can be easily calculated, helping marketers demonstrate their ROI and make future campaign optimization decisions. 

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