5 Ways To Scale Your Home Improvement Lead Generation Campaigns

As spring approaches, home improvement brands should be looking for ways to maximize and modernize their lead generation strategies.

Although people are enjoying travel and outdoor excursions again, at-home outdoor spaces remain an integral part of summer plans, and advertisers that want to connect with high-intent consumers need to be in the right places at the right times with the right offers to drive clicks, calls and leads. 

The following five optimizations are expert recommendations home improvement advertisers can deploy to reach consumers when and where they are researching and shopping. These lead generation campaign optimizations are designed to boost engagement and conversions, delivering quality leads at scale.

1. Build Your Email Database With Opted-In Hand-Raisers

Email is a powerful driver of lead generation efforts, and one of the best ways to scale email campaigns (and their results) is with CRM builder campaigns that deliver opted-in subscribers ready to hear from you.

DMS CRM builder campaigns leverage owned-and-operated and partner websites to engage audiences that match an advertiser’s ideal subscriber. When consumers match an advertiser profile, prospect information is collected and advertisers only pay for net-new subscribers.

2. Go Bold In The Spring For Home Improvement Lead Generation Campaigns

Where and when home improvement campaigns are launched can have an impact on their success. Advertisers that sell seasonal products, like lawn care, need to capture consumer attention during the discovery phase of the purchasing journey, when shoppers are still browsing for the best offers and deals. Campaigns can ramp up and offer more timely deals and packages once it’s actually time to make a decision. 

Tax return season is another time when advertisers can target consumers who may have a little extra money in their pockets. Understanding consumer intent and reaching the right consumers at the right time and place is essential for scaling home improvement leads. 

3. Make Sure Consumers Find You When Searching For Home Improvement Options

Paid search campaigns are great awareness drivers, and they can also be effective for scaling inbound calls for home improvement advertisers. Looking for more inbound calls? Consider adding agent-initiated warm transfers, which are calls that are pre-vetted by a third-party call center before arriving at the advertiser’s doorstep. 

4. Use Social Media To Support Home Improvement Lead Generation Campaigns

Often used primarily for brand building, social media campaigns can also support lead generation efforts by driving traffic to form-based landing pages or leveraging in-platform lead forms.

5. Leverage Promotions & Savings To Attract Bargain-Shopping Consumers

Home improvement campaigns can leverage promotions that offer free quotes, no-commitment estimates, one-click consultations, limited-time deals and gifts with purchase. These types of offers give people a reason to click now and can boost conversion rates.

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