Reaching Your Target Audience With Digital Tools In Home Services

According to recent projections from Verified Market Research, the global home services market is expected to grow 18.91% per year from 2019-2026. As the dynamic home services industry continues to grow, mastering effective ways to connect with your target audience has become increasingly essential. With the rise of on-demand platforms and the increasing preference for streamlined, technology-driven booking systems, it is clear that consumers are now drawn to convenient and high-quality home services solutions. 

To thrive in this competitive landscape and reach those high-intent consumers, refining your lead generation strategy is crucial. Digital Media Solutions (DMS) uses a blend of technology-based data assets and advanced advertising technology to effectively gather quality leads in the home services industry, partnering with home services brands looking to connect with high-intent consumers. 

Understanding The Home Services Landscape

From residential property maintenance to home renovations, the home services landscape encompasses a broad range of home services needs. With the slow rise in homeownership and the desire for home personalization, consumers are looking for professionals to upgrade their homes in several sectors including roofing, windows, solar, HVAC, flooring and kitchen renovations. Home services businesses should be ready to meet the needs of homeowners looking to enhance the aesthetic and functional appeal of their new homes as demand continues to grow.

Tackling Lead Generation Challenges

Despite the overall industry growth, reaching and maintaining consumers in the home services industry remains a difficult task due to a few challenges: 

  • Growing Competition: The home services industry has become more saturated, with many providers offering the same products and services. DMS can partner with companies, providing effective strategies to help brands differentiate themselves with targeted digital advertising solutions. 
  • Credibility: Establishing a solid reputation with current and potential consumers can be challenging. DMS aligns home services businesses with consumers actively searching for their services, setting the stage for high customer satisfaction rates, which helps maintain reputations as reliable and professional.
  • Quality of Leads: DMS can help companies streamline their lead generation process, minimizing low quality leads and boosting conversion rates. 

Leveraging DMS Expertise For Targeting High Intent Consumers

With DMS-owned proprietary tools and advanced data assets, businesses can optimize their efforts to reach high-intent consumers with various needs within the home services industry. By leveraging DMS expertise, businesses gain access to an advanced lead verification process, facilitating connections with high-quality leads actively seeking to upgrade their homes or source a home service. This streamlined approach not only saves businesses valuable time and resources, but also maximizes their chances of converting leads into loyal customers. 

Implementing Effective Digital Strategies

To reach target audiences effectively, home service companies specializing in roofing, windows, HVAC and remodeling services must understand the digital landscape and employ several strategies:

  • Establish An Online Presence: Creating a strong online presence using a website/landing pages, social media assets and paid advertising campaigns can help improve your visibility and provide a great way to engage with consumers. 
  • Reviews And Testimonials: Encouraging customers to leave positive reviews on social media and review platforms, and actively responding to feedback can help you gain credibility and attract new customers. 
  • Follow Up With Customers: Staying in touch with past customers can help encourage repeat business from satisfied customers and referrals to gain new ones.
  • Utilize Geo-Targeting: It's essential to target the right location when offering your services to consumers, ensuring you connect with the appropriate audience. 
  • Lead Filtering: Ensure your lead generation process is optimized to prevent low-quality leads from engaging with your business, and to attract consumers with a potential high conversion rate.

Reaching the right audience at the right time is key in the continuously evolving home services industry. As emphasized by Chris Pink, SVP of Sales at Digital Media Solutions, “it is essential to understand consumer intent and reach your target audience when they are ready to buy in order to scale home services leads. By leveraging the expertise and advanced tools DMS offers, businesses can efficiently connect with high-intent consumers, overcoming lead generation challenges to increase conversion rates.”

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