Engaging Consumers In Today’s Health Insurance Market

The health insurance market in the United States is evolving rapidly, reflecting changes in legislation, consumer behavior and technological advancements. In this competitive landscape, health insurance advertisers must engage consumers effectively to stand out. Recent data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) shows an increasing number of consumers are enrolling in health insurance plans, with 21.3 million people selecting Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Marketplace plans during the 2024 Open Enrollment Period. Coupled with insurance digital ad spending continuing to climb, expected to exceed $15 billion this year according to data from eMarketer, advertisers must deploy smart, targeted strategies to succeed. 

Consumers Seek Simplicity And Transparency In Health Insurance Marketing 

Today's health insurance consumers demand easy access to information and a seamless experience akin to other retail interactions. This shift in consumer preferences requires advertisers to adapt their strategies to meet expectations. Technology and data accessibility have significantly influenced consumer decision-making, empowering them to compare and choose plans more independently than ever before.

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Personalized Engagement Is Key To Connecting With Today's Health Insurance Shoppers

Health insurance advertisers must focus on personalization, digital outreach and educational content to engage consumers effectively.

  • Personalization: Tailoring marketing efforts to meet individual health insurance needs is no longer optional. Consumers expect services and communication that reflect their specific health scenarios and preferences.
  • Digital Outreach: Engaging consumers through targeted emails, social media campaigns and personalized landing pages can significantly enhance the consumer experience. 
  • Educational Content: Providing consumers with informative content like blog posts, webinars and FAQs about health insurance options is crucial. This not only empowers them but also builds trust.

Chelsea Malcolm, VP of Health Marketplaces at DMS, underscores the critical importance of precision and clarity in communication within the health insurance market: "At DMS, we understand that clarity and accuracy in messaging extend beyond mere compliance; they are foundational to building consumer trust and facilitating informed decision-making. We partner with our clients to ensure all provided information is true, relevant and easily understandable. This commitment to transparency helps consumers make decisions with confidence. Additionally, we focus strongly on compliance, with in-house legal and compliance teams offering our advertisers peace of mind knowing their campaigns meet all regulatory standards.”

The Power Of Inbound Calls In Health Insurance Marketing

In the health insurance market, inbound calls are particularly crucial for converting prospects into customers. In fact, research from Invoca found that insurance consumers listed calling as their preferred channel for completing a transaction. Dedicating resources to developing an inbound call campaign is a great way for health insurance advertisers to connect with high-intent consumers in the manner they feel most comfortable when making an important decision, like selecting healthcare plans.  

With DMS, we design inbound call campaigns that connect advertisers with high-intent consumers exactly when they're ready to engage, seamlessly driving these calls directly to medical insurance providers’ sales teams. This approach not only streamlines the process, allowing advertisers to pay based on call duration, but also ensures that every interaction is tailored to match advertisers’ specific objectives. By optimizing and scaling inbound call volume, DMS helps maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns, ensuring that consumers receive the personalized attention they need at the crucial moments of their decision-making journey.

The health insurance market is dynamic and requires advertisers to continuously innovate and adapt their engagement strategies to meet the evolving needs of consumers. By focusing on personalized engagement, leveraging powerful technology like inbound calls and providing educational content, health insurance advertisers can significantly enhance their consumer interactions and improve overall marketing effectiveness.

Maximize Health Insurance Advertising Results With DMS

DMS Insurance connects many of the nation's leading health insurance providers and agents with high-intent consumers. Our health insurance campaigns are designed to maximize results by matching high-intent health insurance shoppers with the health insurance providers and agents that meet their needs. We leverage our vertical expertise across a variety of channels to generate inquiries, including consumer-initiated click-to-call. Contact DMS today to learn more about how we drive better business results for our clients.

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