Weight Loss & Wellness Brands Acquire New Customers By Scaling Their Multichannel Advertising

Consumers shopping for wellness and weight loss solutions are seeking authenticity, particularly those interested in a whole-body approach to fitness, dieting and nutrition. In response, weight loss advertisers have tapped into a mix of digital advertising solutions, including user-generated content (UGC), content marketing and digital solutions that encourage enrollments. 

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By Leveraging Social Media And Ecommerce Platforms, Weight Loss And Wellness Brands Can Sell Merchandise And Enrollments

Many weight loss and wellness advertisers rely heavily on content marketing, including video explanations of their plans. Instagram is a popular social media platform for weight loss advertisers to regularly tout weight loss success stories, coach profiles, recipes and product launches, with social media as a whole becoming a go-to resource for many consumers looking for weight loss inspiration, diet ideas and new products.

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Testimonials & UGC Supports Brand Awareness & Customer Acquisition Initiatives Of Weight Loss And Wellness Brands 

Weight loss and wellness advertisers can and should rely on members sharing their weight loss journeys and success stories. Brands that encourage members connecting with one another on social media and through supportive message boards and live chats are likely to see positive content scale. Paid advertising can supplement organic content and drive prospective customers directly to weight loss program signup pages.

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Virtual Options Differentiate Weight Loss & Wellness Brands By Appealing To Consumers Who Prefer At-Home Options

The pandemic accelerated the move to digital for many weight loss and wellness brands as people everywhere took their in-person interactions and purchases online. In-app workshops, virtual classes and personal coaching are perks and benefits that differentiate weight loss and wellness brands by appealing to audiences who prefer to stick with at-home and online routines. 

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  • CPA-based, adtech-enabled digital media distribution across diverse digital channels, including email, native, search, display, social media, blogs, forums, consumer reviews, listicles, contextual, mobile and more

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