Marty Wells, EVP Of Media

Marty Wells is the Executive Vice President of Media at Digital Media Solutions, Inc. With over 15 years of experience in media, marketing and lead generation, Marty is an accomplished leader who brings a data-driven approach to optimizing internal media buying processes and boosting marketing efficiencies across all DMS verticals. With a background at companies that include Jobcase, Tripadvisor and W.B. Mason, he has held pivotal roles in traffic acquisition, performance marketing and marketing analytics.

Marty’s experience extends beyond media and marketing and includes a background in analytics and engineering. He has a unique ability to build high-performing media and marketing teams, while also analyzing the data science, analytics and machine learning going on behind the scenes. As EVP of Media at DMS, Marty works to grow and optimize DMS internal media buying capabilities, processes and performance. 

By leveraging the DMS toolset, inclusive of the company’s first-party data asset, proprietary technology, expansive digital media reach and data-driven processes, DMS helps digital advertising clients de-risk their advertising spend while scaling their customer bases.

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