Home Inspection Advertising Ideas To Grow Customer Acquisition

Once considered almost essential for home purchases, home inspections have been waived by many buyers due to the highly competitive real estate market. As a result, home inspection companies are now competing with each other and the perception that home inspections are optional.

In addition to robust websites, that include lead generation, creative content marketing and social responsibility initiative descriptions, home inspection websites optimize high-intent keywords to gain traction on Google and drive traffic to their websites. Home inspections, like other home services including lawn care and pest control, are often searched for only when needed. That means home inspection brands need to understand who will be shopping for home inspections and make sure their brands appear when and where these consumers are searching.

Customer Acquisition Campaigns Allow Home Inspection Brands To Make Local Recommendations 

Customer acquisition is central to the success of home inspection brands like Trident Building Inspections and HouseMaster. Both brands position lead forms strategically to gain first-party data about consumers interested in home inspections. Many home inspection brands leverage email campaigns to engage and nurture geo-segmented consumers and audiences seeking specific services. Email campaigns, including enewsletters, can share promotions, direct traffic back to the main website or campaign-specific landing pages, helping home inspection brands stay top of mind while consumers are shopping around and later for post-purchase services. Many national home inspection services have strategic partnerships with brands like ADT, allowing them to cross-promote services while increasing the value of communications for their audiences.

Content Marketing Helps National Home Inspection Brands Build Trust

New home buyers want to work with trustworthy professionals for home inspections and other related services. Content marketing can be effective for establishing trust and thought leadership while explaining the basic ins and outs of home inspection and the brand attributes that create differentiation. National Property Inspections (NPI) has a comprehensive blog on a range of homeownership topics from seniors downsizing to removing wallpaper. And, home inspection brand Pillar to Post has an interactive graphic that lets people shopping for home inspections see exactly what inspectors are looking for. Both of these brands are creating trust with consumers via their knowledge and industry know-how. Home inspection brands that have website content explaining costs, the appointment-booking process and their company philosophies are differentiating their brands and creating reasons for people to buy.

Home Inspection Companies Prioritize Social Responsibility During Difficult Times

Brands are increasingly touting their corporate social responsibility (CSR), because authentic CSR can be important to shoppers who prefer to spend money with brands that align with their values. Trident partnered with Homes for Heroes, and Pillar to Post partnered with the Salvation Army and FirstService Relief Fund. At a time when many people are hurting, a brand that differentiates itself with a commitment to helping others may garner extra attention from consumers. All of the national inspection brands are also explicit in their COVID-19 precautions, a necessity for most consumers who want to know that people entering their homes (or future homes) are being safe and that the brands they are working with care about their well-being. Early in the pandemic, McKinsey & Company noted something that continues to be true today: “Every action taken by a company should reinforce what customers already know — that companies care and are willing to invest in helping their community.”

Home inspection companies must be present for consumers when it’s time for home inspections. By optimizing websites to leverage organic and paid search and using customer acquisition efforts, strategic email outreach and more, the differentiated services of national home inspection brands can be highlighted for consumers when they are ready to take action.

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