Home Warranty Brands Leverage Digital Strategies To Be There When Consumers Need Them

February 26, 2021 Sarah Cavill

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“The market size, measured by revenue, of the Home Warranty Providers industry is $2.6bn in 2021,” according to IBISWorld. Many Americans want the peace of mind that a home warranty offers, with many warranty plans providing coverage of home appliances, systems like HVAC and electrical, and even pools and hot tubs. In response to significant demand, the home warranty market is stacked with choices, and home warranty brands are increasingly leaning into digital advertising strategies to reach and engage consumers. 

Like other home services, including home inspections and lawn care, home warranties are usually only searched for during purchase consideration. In order to be there when shoppers are searching, home warranty brands need to have a clear understanding of who is shopping for home warranties, when and where people are shopping for home warranties and the messaging they need to see to want to learn more. Optimized websites that include fresh, informative content marketing, promotions and differentiation are essential, but home warranty websites should also prioritize high-intent keywords that drive traffic from Google and other search engines to landing pages with clear calls to action.

American Home Shield Offers Expertise And Tiered Home Warranty Service Plans 

Frontdoor, the parent company of four home service plan brands, including American Home Shield, HSA, Landmark and OneGuard, serves more than two million customers nationwide. The national leader in Frontdoor’s cadre of brands is American Home Shield, a home warranty company with nearly 50 years of experience. American Home Shield deploys a number of effective data and customer acquisition tactics on its website, including enewsletter subscriptions, lead forms for home warranty quotes and location-specific pricing and services. American Home Shield also leverages its expertise with a blog that offers timely advice on issues ranging from frozen pipes to home decor for Valentine’s Day. Additionally, American Home Shield offers tiered membership packages, and detailed explanations of why each plan is the best for different shoppers, with an SMS opt in for consumers who want updates on their plans and claim requests. By answering consumer questions with keyword phrases like “what is a home warranty,” “what is covered in a home warranty,” and “what’s the best home warranty for me,” American Home Shield is getting in front of consumers actively researching home warranty options.

Total Home Protection Offers Click-To-Call Option And Home Warranty Service Promotions

Ease of navigation and access to quotes can impact a consumer’s willingness to browse on service websites and seek additional information. After initially clicking the “Get A Free Quote” button on the Total Home Protection website, consumers are taken to the Total Home Protection landing page, making it easier to guide consumer actions and offer the nuts and bolts of its services. Total Home Protection offers several access points for shoppers to reach the home warranty brand for quotes or explanation of services, including a click-to-call button and a lead form. The lead form prompt also advertises a promotion for free services with enrollment, a discount and a money back guarantee, further enticing consumers to fill out the form. Like many home warranty services Total Home Protection has multiple membership tiers, offering different levels of access to consumers.

Home Warranty Of America Offers Chats And Expert Advice 

Home Warranty of America (HWA) is a full-service home warranty company offering plans for homeowners and real estate professionals. With detailed explanations of each service, Home Warranty of America is able to answer consumer questions and share expertise. The home warranty brand’s website is also where HWA customers file claims and make adjustments to their accounts, creating a one-stop shop that minimizes fuss for consumers. Additionally, HWA has a chat feature, allowing consumers quick access to answers they might need. When consumers are searching for a service, getting out in front with convenient features like chat can offer differentiation from other brands. 

Home warranty companies must be available for consumers when they are ready to start looking, most likely immediately after a home purchase or renovation. By optimizing websites to reach and engage high-intent consumers, the varied plans of national home warranty brands can be made available to consumers as needs arise, offering differentiated services at the right time in the right places.

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