What Is A Publisher?

Do you want to go broader with your advertising efforts? Consider leveraging publishers. Not sure what a publisher is or what they can do for you? Keep reading, we’ll answer common questions about the benefits of adding publisher traffic to your media mix and how DMS makes that possible.

What Is A Publisher?

Publishers drive people to advertiser websites using an array of traffic channels, including email, social media, mobile ads and more. Publishers are essentially experts at their respective channels. They build campaigns to achieve specific actions, including lead submissions, sales, clicks and calls, and they are typically paid only when those actions happen. Publishers know their channels inside and out. They know how to drive shoppers to advertiser websites to generate the results desired.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With Publishers?

When you work with publishers, you often only pay for what converts. Performance based, direct-response publishers are paid on actions, whereas traditional agencies charge a flat rate with no guarantee of success.

And, even though publishers are working on a performance-based model, their efforts build brand awareness. Publishers essentially run what works at scale — so if your advertised offer is successful, more and more people will see your brand instead of your competitors.

How Can Advertisers Scale Publisher Campaigns?

Working with publishers gives advertisers access to consumers they may not be able to reach elsewhere, but working directly with publishers can be a chore. That’s where affiliate networks, like DMS Performance Ad Market come in. Affiliate networks act as the intermediary between advertisers and a long list of publishers, letting advertisers scale their advertising performance without scaling the effort. 

Publishers are selected for specific advertising campaigns based on historical data and a detailed understanding of their expertise. DMS Performance Ad Market handles all of the work on behalf of the advertiser. Meanwhile, the advertiser expands efforts to broader audiences, scaling conversion volume but still paying only for results.

Will Working With Publishers Improve My ROI?

Yes. Because affiliate marketing campaigns leveraging publishers are billed on a cost-per-action (CPA) basis, return on investment (or ROI) is baked into the campaign setup. Publishers are instructed to drive specific actions, like clicks, leads, call or sales, delivering predictable, measurable and scalable advertising results.

But it’s not just a numbers game, working with publishers also offers flexibility and options.  Advertisers who work with publishers expand their brand’s reach by sourcing new, quality customers at scale, maximizing ROI across channels. 

Leverage DMS To Launch Your Publisher Campaigns

Acting as a point of connection between leading advertisers and successful, high-quality publishers, DMS Performance Ad Market helps grow businesses by sourcing new, quality customers through more channels than advertisers can reach on their own. Our seasoned experts and proprietary ad distribution platform make it safe and easy to achieve your desired campaign results. Contact DMS today! 

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