Daniel Richter, SVP Of Technology Innovation

Daniel Richter, SVP of Technology

With a strong understanding of modern technologies and development practices, Daniel Richter has a dynamic skill set that contributed to his continued success in the digital performance advertising industry. Receiving his MBA in entrepreneurship, Daniel’s expertise is wide ranging, inclusive of web and software design, user experience, SEO, programming and advanced technological skills, all of which have allowed him to improve the development process and contribute to technological enhancements and performance throughout his career. 

Before joining Digital Media Solutions, Daniel was Chief Technology Officer of mobile-first startup Podify and Vice President of Software Development for UE.co — acquired by DMS in 2019. In his current role as Senior Vice President of Technology Innovation for DMS, Daniel plays a key role in the development of DMS industry-leading proprietary, end-to-end advertising technology. Developed in-house, the DMS technology suite is continuously advanced by Daniel and his team to meet the targeting, tracking and optimization needs of DMS and its advertiser clients and publisher partners. Daniel works to link the DMS first-party data asset, proprietary tech stack and expansive digital media reach to deploy insights and signals across digital channels to get the right message to the right person at the right place and time. Daniel’s vast knowledge and experience aids in the continued success of DMS advertiser clients and publisher partners looking to streamline campaign management and gain valuable insight into campaign performance. DMS received a spot on Inc. magazine’s inaugural Best Led Companies list in 2021, recognizing the impact of Daniel alongside fellow DMS leaders.

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