Dave Davis, SVP Of Call Center Marketing

Dave Davis

As a former U.S. Marine, Dave Davis knows how to lead a team to see beyond obstacles and focus on solutions. Dave credits his seamless transition into the world of marketing to his ability to implement successful strategies as a result of his military experience. Now, with more than two decades of marketing industry experience, Dave is a seasoned business executive who can consistently craft and implement successful branding strategies. In addition to his business prowess, Dave’s unique skill set empowers him to seamlessly develop winning teams that exceed their operational objectives. Prior to joining Digital Media Solutions, Dave held several executive leadership positions, including Vice President of Call Center Operations for Capital Resorts Group and Vice President of Marketing Operations for Anantara Vacation Club. During that time, he gained vast experience in call center operations, customer relationship management, data acquisition, SMS campaigns and more. As Senior Vice President of Call Center Marketing for DMS, Dave leverages his dynamic and international marketing experience, strategic leadership skills and industry knowledge to consistently increase call center production as it relates to the procurement, fulfillment and delivery of products and services. DMS received a spot on Inc. magazine’s inaugural Best Led Companies list in 2021, recognizing the impact of Dave alongside fellow DMS leaders.

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