Aimtell Success Story: Clothing Retailer Deploys Push Notifications To Re-Engage Consumers & Increase Sales

A popular ecommerce clothing retailer turned to Aimtell to enhance its re-engagement strategy. The brand generated clicks back to its website and increased sales by re-engaging active consumers who have taken on-site actions, such as adding items to a shopping cart or viewing certain product pages.  

What Is Aimtell & How Does It Help Re-Engage Ecommerce Consumers?

Aimtell, powerful push messaging and monetization technology, enables website owners to re-engage website visitors with highly targeted web push notifications. Website visitors opt in to receive push notifications with the click of one button. Aimtell technology collects valuable first-party data regarding the activity of opted-in website visitors, or subscribers. Leveraging this data, website owners can deploy push notifications that smartly re-engage subscribers and encourage desired actions like making purchases or subscribing to newsletters.  

Sample Results From Aimtell Campaigns: $130,000 In Incremental Sales In 3 Months

A combination of triggered and segmented push notifications helped this online clothing retailer generate successful results. Upon analyzing campaigns over a three-month period after the launch of Aimtell, the brand generated nearly 90,000 clicks and more than $130,000 in sales. Re-engaging active consumers helped inspire micro-moments, leading these subscribers to convert.  

Triggered Pushes Re-Engage Ecommerce Customers & Provide Steady Revenue Streams 

Triggered Aimtell web push campaigns can be very effective at re-engaging website visitors, returning them to their carts and encouraging conversions. With this brand in particular, two unique triggered campaigns have generated a steady revenue stream, contributing to the $130,000 in sales.  

This ecommerce retailer sends a welcome push notification immediately to every website visitor that opts in to receive their notifications. Welcome pushes are a great way to encourage an initial action, like sharing an email address. Plus, by sending the push notification immediately, the brand capitalizes on the visitor's interest and creates an immediate opportunity for the subscriber to anticipate future re-engagement messages. 

This brand also uses abandoned cart push notifications, deploying them to subscribers who abandon their shopping carts. These consumers have shown an interest in specific products, and the abandoned cart campaign leverages that interest to encourage action. The cart abandonment automated push campaign has been successful for the brand by bringing interested consumers back to finish their purchases.  

Aimtell Audience Segmentation Helps Target Consumers Interested In Specific Item Categories  

Aimtell allows for detailed audience segmentation, a feature leveraged by the ecommerce retailer to deploy targeted messaging to defined segments to encourage specific actions. Consumers are grouped based on the pages they viewed on the website, such as certain types of clothing, sale items or new arrivals. The brand deploys targeted and segmented re-engagement push notifications encouraging consumers to view specific SKUs or check out what is new in stock for categories they have shown interest in before. 

The combination of triggered push notifications plus these segmented campaigns helped the brand generate nearly 90,000 clicks and over $130,000 in sales in three months.  

A/B Testing Of Aimtell Messaging Provides Insight Into What Messaging Resonates With Consumers Across All Channels

Aimtell encourages A/B testing to help determine consumer preferences. For example, the ecommerce retailer tested two different notification icons. As a result of this test, the retailer discovered that product images were more engaging than an image of a woman’s face. These valuable insights reveal what consumers are engaging with and can help inform decisions for what to include in future push campaigns.    

Are You Looking For Innovative Ways To Re-Engage Your Audience?

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