DMS Success Story: Achieving A 33% Increase In Insurance Conversion Rates Through Strategic Partnership


A leading national insurance brand sought to increase its policy conversion rates, a crucial key performance indicator (KPI) integral to its growth. The DMS Insurance team employed advanced analytics and targeted campaign strategies to boost this vital KPI while remaining aligned with the client's long-term strategic objectives. 


Our approach was comprehensive, focusing on several key areas to drive success:

  1. Performance Modeling: Leveraging advanced disposition data at the traffic source level enabled us to optimize and enhance performance outcomes accurately. This data-driven method provided a solid foundation for our strategic decisions, allowing for precision in execution and adjustments.

  2. Targeting The Right Consumer Group: We honed in on consumer attributes historically showing high lifetime value (LTV). We continuously refined our targeting strategies by incorporating monthly feedback loops, ensuring targeting remained highly effective and aligned with evolving market dynamics.

  3. Source And Media Management: Our team proactively managed sources and media channels, maintaining regular feedback exchanges with the client. This collaborative approach allowed for real-time strategy tailoring, ensuring that all campaign elements were fine-tuned for maximum impact.

  4. Scaling High-Performance Channels: We strategically increased investments in high-performing traffic sources. Our approach was dynamically adjusted based on comprehensive monthly performance analyses, allowing us to scale effectively and sustain growth over time.


The partnership yielded outstanding results, with a 33.6% increase in conversion rates over a comparative 6-month period before and after implementing our targeted strategies. Our data-driven approach and relentless commitment to continuous optimization yielded a substantial increase in conversion rates and secured enhanced corporate support, positioning us to further scale our efforts in the future.

DMS Insurance Sets Agencies Up For Success

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