DMS Success Story: Increasing Inbound Calls From Highly Engaged, In-Market Consumers

The Challenge: Produce High-Quality Inbound Calls At Scale

A leader in online healthcare education was diversifying its media mix and was interested in generating incremental, high-quality, highly targeted calls from individuals interested in enrolling in academic programs. Digital Media Solutions (DMS) was tasked with delivering motivated, inbound callers via pay-per-call campaigns, with all calls tracked so that performance metrics could easily be calculated. 

The Solution: DMS Inbound Call Campaigns 

Using program-specific, branded creative, DMS launched a click-to-call, pay-per-call campaign to connect motivated prospective students directly to school representatives. During active call center hours, calls from a geo-targeted audience were generated through a variety of digital media channels with a focus on generic search marketing and branded social and display ads. Before being delivered to call center agents, all calls passed through a quick, interactive voice response (IVR) qualification system to filter out individuals not directly inquiring about enrollment and program options. The client only paid for calls lasting two minutes or longer, with the timer beginning after the IVR qualification process was completed.

DMS can help drive business growth by creating direct connections between consumers and advertisers via inbound calls, facilitating meaningful conversations to help drive sales.

Call Tracking For Performance Analysis

All inbound calls were tracked through the implementation of a whisper and call forwarding feature. The whispered messages and forward numbers allowed the call center to identify and log the lead sources appropriately. The client’s customer relationship management (CRM) system records were automated to include the source of each call, and that data was passed back to Sparkroom, DMS-owned performance marketing technology.

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The Results: 15% Initial Conversion Rate Plus Increased Inbound Call Budget To Continue Efforts

During the first quarter after launch, the client saw a 15% conversion rate from its inbound call campaign. Anticipating continued success, the client increased its budget for this initiative by 300%.

Do You Want To Scale High-Quality Inbound Call Volume?

Contact DMS today to learn how we can tap into our toolset, inclusive of our first-party data asset, proprietary technology and expansive media reach, to boost inbound call volume to meet your customer acquisition objectives. With quality inbound call generation, brands can connect to in-market, prospective consumers who are ready to start a conversation.

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