DMS Success Story: Leveraging Weekend Customer Acquisition Campaigns To Elevate Overall Performance

There are many reasons to keep campaigns running throughout the weekend, including:

  1. Weekend customer acquisition campaigns help advertisers make sure they’re always visible when consumers are shopping.
  2. Because many advertisers pause customer acquisition campaigns over the weekend, there is less competition for consumer attention.
  3. When advertisers pause customer acquisition campaigns over the weekend, they are giving the advantage to their competitors.
  4. Weekend campaigns can increase volume and decrease average cost per conversion, optimizing campaigns for both quality and quantity, as the case study below details.

Analyzing the performance by day of a prominent insurance brand purchasing high-intent leads and inbound calls from Digital Media Solutions revealed that a weekend day was the brand’s top performer. The brand’s weekly average policy rate for their call campaign not including Saturday was 8.71%, while the policy rate on Saturdays was more than 1.6x higher at 14.28%. Similarly, the Monday-Friday lead policy rate for the advertiser was 2.61%, while the Saturday lead policy rate was 1.16x higher at 3.03%.

In the worksheets below, you can fill in your call and lead campaign estimated daily volume and cpl to determine what your average cost per policy would be using the actual daily policy conversion rates on DMS leads and calls reported by the insurance advertiser.* 

Click here to download the worksheet.

In addition to providing additional opportunities to scale volume and reach in-market prospects, keeping customer acquisition campaigns live during the weekends can be a smart solution to help elevate campaign performance overall.

*The results provided are estimates. They are provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered a promise or guarantee. 

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