Aimtell Success Story: Re-Engaging Shoppers To Drive Custom Window Treatment Sales

An ecommerce company specializing in custom window treatments was seeking to re-engage audiences to scale sales. Three months after launching an Aimtell campaign, this ecommerce company delivered more than $175,000 in incremental sales by re-engaging website visitors and encouraging desired actions, including purchases.

Strong ROI Less Than Three Months After Launching Aimtell

The window treatment brand began deploying web push notifications to scale appointment bookings and sales. Push marketing campaigns advertising incentives were sent to opted-in push notification subscribers. Within 90 days, nearly 200 qualified appointments and almost 100 sales were generated as a result of the Aimtell campaign, racking in more than $175,000.

Advertising Incentives Within Aimtell Campaign Encouraged Appointment Bookings 

Web push notification campaigns with copy that highlighted incentives for free installation or in-home consultations successfully drove thousands of clicks leading to qualified appointments. A combination of broad campaigns delivered to all subscribers and segmented campaigns targeting more specific audiences helped maximize exposure and for the brand’s incentives. 

Broad web push campaigns effectively reminded all subscribers of the company's free installation and in-home consultations. Because these campaigns were targeting a broader audience, they featured incentive-focused and straightforward copy that did not hone in on a specific product type. 

Targeted web push campaigns were deployed to reach consumers actively exploring the website and available product options. For example, one notification engaged subscribers who had visited a product page in the past 30 days. This page visit campaign was effective at engaging active consumers and nudging them closer to booking consultations. 

Smartly-Timed Web Push Notifications Focused On Relevant Consumer Pain Points 

In addition to advertising incentives, the window treatment company deployed push marketing campaigns focused on relevant consumer pain points easily solved with window treatments. Specifically, the company deployed web push notifications with sunrise- and sunset-based send times. Presenting solutions to common problems like morning sun disrupting sleep or sunset glare interrupting television watching, the window company smartly timed these campaigns when subscribers were likely to be experiencing problems the window treatments could help solve. These time-based push marketing campaigns also featured timezone optimization, helping ensure each subscriber received re-engagement messages at the appropriate times.  

The Aimtell campaigns paid off for the brand in a short period of time and inspired numerous clicks and subsequent appointments. In less than 90 days, this window treatment company generated thousands of clicks and close to 200 qualified appointments, leading to more than $175,000 in sales. Aimtell campaigns highlighting incentives and solutions to common consumer pain points effectively engaged their audience, while narrow campaigns delivered to segmented audiences motivated interested buyers and encouraged them to schedule appointments and make purchases.

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