DMS Success Story: Scaling Inbound Call Volume During Medicare Open Enrollment

Digital Media Solutions Was Proven To Provide The Highest-Quality Partner-Generated Calls, Leading To 16x Campaign Growth YOY


A leading health insurance marketplace was looking to scale their inbound call volume from consumers seeking Medicare insurance, especially during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) window.


The marketing team of the health insurance marketplace was heavily focused on TV and direct mail campaigns when they approached the Digital Media Solutions (DMS) team to scale their inbound call volume. Because they prioritized their internally generated inbound calls, partner-generated inbound calls were considered “filler” and caps were adjusted throughout the day to accommodate the inconsistent volume of internally generated calls. As a result, the health insurance marketplace was struggling to generate any momentum or scale from their partner-generated call campaigns. Meanwhile, they were unable to correctly estimate the volume of calls coming in from their internal campaigns, which meant their marketing performance was largely unpredictable.


The DMS team worked with the health insurance marketplace marketing team to understand the potential of partner-generated live agent transfers, including the quality, quantity and consistency possible when teams are synchronized for success.

Separating the internal and external campaigns of the health insurance marketplace was the first step toward establishing consistent demand that did not fluctuate based on TV campaign performance. This allowed the partner-generated campaign to have consistent demand objectives. Defining the call routing and verification process was also essential for choreographing a campaign that would achieve all the necessary KPIs.

From there, the DMS team worked with the health insurance marketplace marketing team to evaluate the DMS live agent transfer campaign conversion rates in comparison to internal efforts and other partners. After seeing the impressive results of the global campaign analysis, the cost per lead was increased for DMS inbound calls, caps were increased (and even uncapped during certain time periods) and the geographic restrictions were removed, allowing the campaign and the relationship to grow substantially.


Digital Media Solutions was proven to provide the highest-quality partner-generated calls for the health insurance marketplace, with 95% of calls making it through the advertiser client’s internal verification system, a conversion rate that surpassed all other partners and the proven ability to consistently scale while maintaining quality. As a result, the campaign grew by more than 1,600% from 2020 to 2021.

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