Turning Holiday Flower Buyers Into Flower Subscribers By Acquiring & Using First-Party Data

Holidays can be the right time to scale advertising spend, offer new products, kick off promotions and deploy engagement strategies that reach and nurture consumers in the mood to shop for themselves or loved ones. Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, specifically, represent opportunities for floral brands to build brand awareness, grow their email subscriber databases and acquire new customers. 

Turning Flower Buyers Into Flower Subscribers

Most Valentine’s Day purchases are single transactions. Although retailers have always sought more, the parallel rise in the popularity of ecommerce and subscriptions has created a new opportunity for brands leveraging holiday gifting to convert holiday sales into long-term relationships.

For most flower brands, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, represent the lion’s share of their annual sales, but flower subscriptions can create long-term consumer relationships. When gifters purchase your website, encourage them to provide their contact information and data on their gift recipients. Leveraging the first-party data gained from initial sales, you can nurture your customer database to promote products and promotions throughout the year.

5 Ways To Get First-Party Data From Flower Shoppers

  1. Offer a discount code when subscribing to email updates
  2. Encourage shoppers to provide information about their gift recipients so you can send them gifting reminders throughout the year
  3. Make it easy to subscribe to push notifications so you can remind shoppers when they've left their carts without completing their purchases
  4. Request phone numbers along with consent to call and text with shipment updates
  5. Survey website visitors to learn about their flower and gifting preferences

Single-Purchase Intent Can Be Transitioned To Flower Subscriber Retention

Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day should represent the beginning of relationships for floral brands. First-party data collection facilitates nurturing and smart promotions combined with enjoyable experiences support retention. 

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