Amber Paul, EVP Brand Direct Distribution

Amber PaulCombining an entrepreneurial spirit with a well-versed affiliate marketing background, Amber Paul, Executive Vice President, Brand Direct Distribution, Digital Media Solutions (DMS), has established herself as an industry veteran in the digital marketing space. With her dynamic skill set – from marketing strategy development to customer acquisition and branding solutions to B2B marketing – Amber has spent more than a decade matching branded, high performing offers, delivering quality traffic to elite advertisers and maximizing ROI for customers and campaigns. She has delivered consistent results throughout her career, including as Vice President and Partner of AKMG, Inc., GlobalWide Media (acquirer of AKMG) and Union Square Media Group.

DMS was recognized, three years in a row, as the standout leader for its top-tier brand-direct advertising solutions — ranked #1 by mThink in 2021 and 2022. DMS was also recognized for mThink’s Best CPA Network list, mThink’s Best Pay-Per-Call Networks list and mThink’s Top CPA Networks for Advertisers & Merchants list, and in 2022 and 2023 for mThink’s Top CPA Networks for Affiliates & Publishers.

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