DMS Success Story: Raising Conversion Rates By Geotargeting Campaigns With Sparkroom

The Challenge: Increase Conversion Rates For A Brand With Multiple Locations 

A brand with 13 locations was using a typical geographic targeting approach based on a standard mile radius around each location and not receiving optimal lead generation campaign results. Digital Media Solutions (DMS) leveraged Sparkroom lead management technology to analyze and optimize campaigns to boost conversion rates with custom geo-targeting. 

The Solution: Deploy Sparkroom Lead Management Technology To Enhance Conversion Rates 

To ensure the generation of only the inquiries with the highest propensity to convert, the Digital Media Solutions (DMS) team made strategic zip code cuts based on conversion performance for both cost-per-lead (CPL) and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

Strategic geo-targeting is an essential tactic for brands with location-based targets and those with national consumer bases. The marketing analytics team at DMS used a cutting-edge geographic information system (GIS) to analyze advertising performance and generate custom geo-targeting strategies. The complex rejection and validation rules of Sparkroom lead management technology supported these optimizations, ensuring the advertiser only accepted leads from its target audience without wasting media dollars on inquiries less likely to convert. 

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The DMS analytics team analyzed the Sparkroom data and found that conversion rates were not linear as the distance increased from a brick-and-mortar location.

Conversion rates were found to differ dramatically by location and, in most cases, did not gradually decrease. Instead, the market lines bounced up and down across distance categories, in contrast to the linear decrease typically seen when charting inquiry volume by distance. DMS determined that distance was not the only factor impacting conversion rates, nor was it the only geographic factor. Variables such as population density, transportation infrastructure and demographic factors were also found to have impact.

Heat maps displaying a 60-mile radius demonstrated how the conversion concentration varied: 

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The Results: Increased Conversion Rate Plus Decreased Media Spend

Deploying custom geotargets for each location lowered media spend by 17-25% across all campaigns. At the same time, because DMS had hand-selected the geographies with the greatest propensity to generate high-quality leads, the overall conversion rate increased for the brand by 76%.  

Do You Want To Improve Your Marketing ROI?

The automation, data integration and analytic capabilities of DMS-owned Sparkroom performance marketing technology help marketers take charge of their budgets, implement the best media mix, drive higher conversion performance and reduce overhead. Digital Media Solutions® (DMS) is a leading technology-enabled, data-driven digital performance advertising solutions provider connecting consumers and advertisers. Contact DMS today to learn how our first-party data asset, proprietary technology (including Sparkroom) and expansive media reach can help you connect with high-intent consumers.

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