Sam Kirovsky, SVP Of Strategic Initiatives

Sam Kirovsky is the Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Digital Media Solutions. With nearly two decades of professional experience, Sam joined DMS officially in April 2023, after playing an integral role as a consultant in the acquisition of ClickDealer. In Sam's current position as SVP of Strategic Initiatives at DMS, he leads mergers and acquisitions, developing M&A strategies, overseeing due diligence processes and acting as the executive sponsor post-acquisition. His expertise and strategic mindset make him a valuable asset to DMS, helping to drive impactful initiatives and contributing to the company's growth and success. 

Sam brings a wealth of experience and accomplishments to his role at DMS. With a proven track record of performing due diligence and integrations for over 15 companies, Sam has demonstrated his expertise in driving successful business transformations. Prior to joining DMS, Sam worked at Synergetics, gaining operations experience across industries like software & technology, aerospace, financial services and pharmaceuticals. Sam also worked at IHS Markit (now part of S&P Global). He holds an MA and BA in Economics. 

In March 2023, DMS acquired ClickDealer, a global performance ad network. ClickDealer serves global advertisers across top verticals such as ecommerce, cyber security, retail, consumer finance and gaming. This acquisition further enhances the position and expertise of DMS in the digital media solutions space. At DMS, our proprietary, end-to-end advertising technology suite was developed in-house and is continually advanced to meet the targeting, tracking and optimization needs of our team, our advertiser clients and our publisher partners.

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