DMS Success Story: Utilizing Precise Targeting To Drive New Weight Loss Subscribers

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A commercial provider of weight loss products was looking to scale subscribers for their meal planning and delivery services. They were seeking female subscribers with a household income of $80,000 and above.


Digital Media Solutions® (DMS) was tasked with generating net-new subscribers for the weight loss provider that met their targeting criteria at significant scale. The subscribers would need to remain in the weight loss program for at least three months to achieve the weight loss provider’s goal lifetime value (LTV). The DMS team needed to find the appropriate premium publisher websites to showcase the weight loss provider’s offers in order to generate new subscribers that would stick to the program.

DMS Solution

The DMS team of ad market experts leveraged the breadth and scale of their premiere performance-based ad network to hand pick publishers with female-centric user bases. Non-branded search, email and native ads were used to drive prospects to targeted comparison sites and blogs showcasing the weight loss provider’s subscription offers. The DMS team carefully planned to effectively capitalize on the seasonal boost of new weight loss subscribers throughout January and beyond, optimizing publisher placements and channels to achieve the highest volume of qualified net-new subscribers.


By leveraging precise targeting and customer acquisition expertise, the DMS team delivered more than 2,000 qualified net-new subscribers to the weight loss provider. Pleased with the LTV of the new subscribers, the weight loss provider empowered DMS to continue to generate as many new subscribers as possible.

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